East Coast DX Association
235 Van Emburgh Avenue
Ridgewood NJ 07450
ECDXA's Open House Event 2010

September 1 2010

2m Horizontal and Vertical Beams, 10-15-20m Beam on Roof Tower with Rotator. Tower Also Is An Anchor Point For A G5RV Type Dipole (6m-80m) Also Shown Are A 2m/70cm Vertical and A 1.25m Vertical (not shown, 6m 2m and 70cm Vertical On 25 Foot Self Supporting Mast

Current FCC Licenses Openly Posted For K2VK, KA2ANF, KB2MER, KB2ZMM and KC2GLG (not shown here but also part of the lineup maintained here are the Club Call Licenses For WX2BC and W2PQG)

KA2ANF At HF Operating Position 1, Kenwood TS-940s (left sideradio) for CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, WinLink. Also Shown Kenwood 2m All Mode 711a (upper right) and W2PQG's Kenwood TS-930s (lower right).  and a PC workstation with Networked N1MM Contesting Logger (Not Shown And Included In HF Operating Position 1, 1500w Capable Amp Supply LK550 Amp (10m-160m), Heathkit Full Legal Power Capable Tuner, Yaesu Remote Rotator Control and HF/VHF TNC (PK900)

KA2ANF at HF Postion 2 - Icom IC-7000 for CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and WinLink. LDG Auto-tuner, RigBlaster Interface and a PC Workstation with Networked N1MM Contesting Logger

KC2KID and K2ISS Standing In Front of the Dual Side-by-Side HF Operating Positions While Listening To KA2ANF

KA2NRW and KA2ANF at the BergenSkywarn WxDesk Operating Position

KA2NRW, K1VDH, N2VIG and KC2KID (Also Pictured Is K2VK's Mascot - currently unlicensed) standing between the HF, BergenSkywarn and EmComm Operations Situational Awareness Area (Cable and Over the Air TV, Public Safety Scanners, AM and FM Broadcast Radios, FAX, Phones, etc)

ECDXA Welcomed WA2HFH, KA2NRW, K1VDH and N2VIG, Shown Here Taking In The Array Of Different Setups (Also Welcomed and Shown In Other Pictures N2OPJ and K2ISS)

KA2ANF Monitoring Activity Of The Hurricane Watch Net on 14.325 Mhz During the Open House And Hurricane Earl's East Coast Approach At HF Operating Position 1

The Kenwood 940s at HF Operating Position 1 (10-160m)

N2OPJ Looking Ready To Operate While Seated At HF Operating Position 2, Just To The Right Of HF Operating Position 1

The Icom IC-7000, With External Monitor Attached (2m/70cm and 6m-160m) at HF Operating Position 2

NWS Doppler Radar Image - Showing Hurricane Earl off the coast of Maine just after the Open House event. Kenwood V7a 2m/70cm radio for local VHF/UHF communications during EmComm and SKYWARN activations

KA2ANF at the BergenSkywarn WxDesk. 3 - Networked PC Workstations for Digital Secure Communications directly to/from the NWS, Doppler Radar and GOES Satellite Images and NWS EMWIN (Emergency Managers Weather Information Network) 24/7/365 DataStream.