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What Is Field Day? - Read About And See 100's Of Pictures Of Local Setups From Across The Nation Of ARRL Field Day 2006

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Saturday June 23 Thru Sunday June 24 2007

 A Yearly 24 Hour Amateur Radio Operating Event
ARRL Field Day 2006 Took Place From 2:00 PM EDT Saturday June 24 Thru 2:00 PM EDT

ECDXA Holds Its First Ever Field Day Operation As K2VK 3D NNJ

East Coast DX Association operated its first ever Field Day in 2006 under its Club Callsign of K2VK. Operations were conducted at the permanent Club Station as Class 3D in Section NNJ.

HF Bands placed on the air were 80m, 40m (SSB & PSK31), 20m (SSB and PSK31), 15m and 10m. On VHF both 6m and 2m were used. Operators included East Coast DX Associationís Club Call Trustee KA2ANF, along with KB2MER, KB2ZMM and KC2GLG. Operators took turns operating the different radios and modes and as they moved about among the various setups each was able to log their contacts on any of 3 PCís connected via a wired and wireless IP Network. Using a single common log for all contacts was extremely efficient and allowed all operators to instantly see duplicates or other bands worked for all contacts at each of the 3 operating positions. N1MM logging software was the basis for the Network setup (N1MM was also used as the PSK31 software) and it additionally afforded all operators the ability to send and receive on screen messages via their keyboards (as they operated) and to view which band the radios at the other stations were tuned to so as to avoid more than one station transmitting on any one band at the same time.

Radios included a Kenwood 940s, a Kenwood 711A and an ICOM 7000. Antennas included a TELREX Tri-Band Beam for 10m, 15m and 20m, a G5RV for 20m, 40m and 80m; a 10 element Beam for 2m and a Hamstick type Dipole for 6m. PSK31 hardware duties were handled using both a RigBlaster interface for the IC-7000 and a PSK capable Timewave PK-900 TNC connected to the Kenwood 940s.

Even though K2VK was only able to be on the air for about 12 of the 24 hours of the Contest, it made more than 175 Contacts from as close as 5 miles (PSK31 with W2MPX, where they were operating as a 5F station in the Ramsey NJ EOC) and as far as away as Hawaii which is about 5000 miles from NJ (20m SSB with KH6F, operating as a 1A station who even included an Aloha in the exchange!)! 

Pictures of ECDXA's ARRL Field Day 2006 operation are available here

ECDXA's Field Day 2006 Contact Log

Band Phone Digital
80m 18 -
40m 18 19
20m 73 10
15m 37 -
6m 3 -

ARRL Field Day 2006 Rules