Club Call - K2VK

East Coast DX Association
235 Van Emburgh Avenue
Ridgewood NJ 07450


ECDXA Holds An Open House Event - September 2010
CLICK HERE To See Pictures From The Event

It is with deep sorrow that we note the passing of 
Stan Sears - W2PQG - SK
Stan was a founding member of the 10-70 Repeater Association, a several time
past president of that organization, a leader of its technical committee and
an enthusiastic amateur radio operator. More information is available here:

ECDXA's October 2006 Newsletter - The Pileup- 
Was Named As The ARRL Hudson Division's Newsletter Of The Month
Click Here To Read It And Other Hudson Division Award Winning Newsletters
    ECDXA Is Proud To Be An 
ARRL Affiliated And Special Service Club Since 1996
In The 
ARRL's Hudson Division
NNJ Section

The East Coast DX Association

The East Coast DX Association is an active Amateur Radio Club
 founded in 1994 consisting of Amateur Radio Operators, 
Contesters and DXers of all levels and experience.

It's mission is to educate it's members and others in the art of Amateur Radio
 and to inform them of upcoming activities related to 
Contesting, DXing and Amateur Radio Events of all types.

ECDXA Members regularly take part in 
including Public Service activities. ECDXA offers both 
Individual and Group Mentoring
 and is proud to be able to provide a program of

ECDXA's Club Call - K2VK

In Remembrance Of WB2RQX, SK - Founder and Past President of ECDXA

!!! ECDXA News !!! 

ECDXA Operates Its First Ever ARRL Field Day With Club Callsign K2VK As Class 3D NNJ

Space And National Severe Weather Information:


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